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Additional functions of Diagprog 3 from Elprosys:

It offers the reading and writing function as well as saving and comparing the Eeproms, which it can then play using an extra function via OBDII. You have the opportunity to save the data record before programming, and so you can avoid data loss. If this is ever the case you can simply programme the saved data record back in.

The technical possibilities of DiagProg3 from Elprosys:

Diagprog 3 from Elprosys has 3 inputs and outputs with a working speed of up to 8 MHz (0.5V), and 10 inputs and outputs with a working speed of up to 4 MHz (0.5V), 12 inputs with a working speed of up to 16 MHz (0.5V) and 11 outputs with a working speed of up to 16 MHz (0.5V). One output has a working speed of up to 500 KHz.

Diagprog 3 from Elprosys has the following interfaces:

An interface with RS232 ( 0.5V to 0.15V)
An interface with CAN-BUS (ISO 11898 Standard) for the CAN low and high cable.
An interface for the CCD-BUS cable
An interface for the BDLC ( SAE J1850)
An interface for the K-line (ISO 9141 Standard )
An SPI interface for the function "master and slave"
Additional functions and set up of Diagprog 3:
An 8MB flash memory card which can be extended to 136MB.
2 analog inputs of up to 15 volts and an output relay up to 12volts.
There are 5 languages available on Diagprog 3 from Elprosys, e.g. German, French, Spanish, English and Polish. The updates with the newest software can then be downloaded from the internet with a USB 2.0 cable.
The communication programme for Diagprog 3 is easy to operate in the above named languages. The colour display (320 x 240 pixels) with a touch screen function is equally easy to operate.